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This is the ultimate training pathway for players that want to become a future professional. If you have a current state or national ranking and want to improve it or think your ready to take the next step and make a commitment to work exceptionally hard. National rankings or a match-play standards test will be required for all to join. International players will be excepted on a case by case basis.

RT Pro from RT Academy is Brisbane’s best full time coaching academy for tennis players who desire a tailored coaching program.

The program will focus on each area of a professional tennis players life including: tactics and strategy sessions, video and swing analysis sessions, fitness program, practice squads and a touring team. We have only 4 players in each squad to ensure a high intensity session with over 500 tennis balls hit every session. If you think you have what it takes please come in for a FREE trial lesson ages start from 7 yrs and above.

A typical squad lesson will consist of  1.5 hours of drill work/technical work – 30 min match play video analysis during this time the coach will run through video footage and give each player direct feedback to improve their match-play tactics and strategies – 30 min tennis specific fitness routine.

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