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We promise to be the best Tennis Coaching
Academy in Brisbane or Your Money Back.

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Contact RT Academy and get your first Coaching
session free, no catches, just a free session.
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RT Pro from Remar Tennis Academy is Brisbane's
sole full time invite only coaching academy.

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- Sean Gills -
- Chris Blunt -
- Christine O'malley-Jones -
Thank you to the Remar
Tennis Academy. They have
highly skilled and motivated
coaches. I would highly
recommend them to
everyone. Great
fun and great tennis.
My son loves his early
tennis lessons. He has
been playing for years
and will continue to
play for many years more.
Thank you Remar Tennis
My 2 kids aged
4 & 3 have thrived
with coach Lincoln from
RT Academy. Its great
to see kids enjoy sports
and develop skills. Good
Job to the whole team
at Remar Tennis.







Tennis is a Global game and here are some of our Global partners.






The Greatest Game On Earth

Beside the obvious fact that it is played all year round, tennis is a great full body workout and a very social game. The health benefits for those who play more than 3 hours a week are huge and include a 50% reduction in health related deaths. Frequent tennis players when surveyed scored higher in vigor, optimism and self-esteem. What are you waiting for? Get involved today!


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